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<< Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit whatsoever. It is in Sicily that is the key to everything “[...]” The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the soft change of the hues, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea to the land.... who has them see only once, own them for life. >>
(J.W. Goethe)

Live your Emotions

Historically, culturally, geographically, Sicily is a passionate island. Located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, island’s identity has been buffeted by centuries of marine trade and ever-changing alliances. Once a kingdom in its own right, Sicily boasts an impressive cultural heritage, its own language and amazing landscape scenarios.

But this is the kind of destination where sightseeing is always more than “just” sightseeing: it’s the combination of history, a balmy climate and a vibrant contemporary eating, drinking and shopping scene that gives this island of wine, citrus fruits and ancient landscapes such all-year-round appeal. With 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites,  Sicily has so much to offer, and our lovely Boutique Hotel is the best location from which to start.

Sciacca is in fact located close to the Valley of the Temples, where the remnants of ancient Greek monuments evoke Sicily’s fascinating past. Attractions nearby include the historic city of Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples, or the spectacular rock formation of Scala dei Turchi.

There’s also plenty of opportunity to explore, in your own time, the towns and villages that make the island so fascinating. Places like Sciacca, whose evening “passìo” is a sheer joy and deserves to be listed by unesco. A sandstone amazing city that turns out to be a vibrant, surprisingly young place and in the same time a quiet place where fishermen sit mending their nets.  It’s in contrast with the soul where this resilient and irresistible island lies.