Valley of the Temples

The temple of Concordia can be seen as soon as it appears at the southern extremity  of this green and all-flower floor; to the east the scarce ruins of the temple of Juno; the ruins of all the other sacred buildings on the same straight line as the two mentioned do not appear to the […]


The Saline della Laguna are located in western Sicily, on the coast connecting Trapani to Marsala. A unique area in front of the island of Mothia, on the famous “salt route”, which offers visitors many opportunities like: the visit of the Mill of Infersa and the museum with the multimedia route; experiences and activities at  “Ettore […]


The wealth and the beauty of Palermo are in its thousand souls, the result of domination, arrivals and departures, hospitality and exchange. It is proved by its landscape, language, monuments,  cuisine and its urban net. A stratified and syncretic richness that is easy to read in art, among the light folds of an arabesque, on […]

Aeolian Islands

Proclaimed by UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity in 2000, the Aeolian archipelago is made up of seven islands: Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli and Vulcano. All seven islands are of volcanic origin, but only the volcanoes of Stromboli and, of Vulcano are still active. In the other islands, however, volcanic activities, such as fumaroles, […]


  It stands on the top of a solitary mountain overlooking Trapani, the valley and the sea. Its origins are ancient and mysterious, wrapped in legend. At first only one temple  was risen on the summit, dedicated to a female deity of fruitful nature. It was always venerated by all the peoples of the Mediterranean […]


Founded during the VII century by the settlers of Megara Hiblaea, it was the most advanced point westward of the Greek territories in Sicily. Thus, for almost three centuries, there  were noted  conflicts  between Greek and Phoenician-Punic civilizations, which   dominated  the life of the peoples of the Mediterranean lands for ages. Selinunte has developed over […]


The Cathedral  (S. Maria la Nuova) arose in a short time between 1174 and 1176 by the will of  William  II. It is said  that the king  has undertaken the construction of the great sacred building after  dreaming  the Virgin Mary, who had revealed to him the place where a rich treasure   was hidden, which […]